• Checklists listing the submittal items needed for submitting complete application packages are under each application.


  • Click on the links to download the applications (purple) and the submittal checklists (green).


  1. Maintenance & Repair Application. (Use for exterior work without change)

              Minor Exterior Change submittal checklists

    1. Exterior Paint only
    2. Gutter/downspout only
    3. Exterior Door only
    4. Exterior Window only
    5. Shutters only
    6. Roof color/material only
    7. Exterior lighting/ceiling fan only
    8. Insect screening of existing porch only
    9. Porch railing/baluster only
  1. Conceptual Review Application. (Use for requesting a conceptual review on any Major landscape                                                                         change, any Structural change, or New construction.)
  1. Homeowner Agreement. (Agreement to be submitted with any Major Landscape Application, Structural Change Application, & New Home Construction Application.)
  1. Landscape Changes Application. (Use for either Minor Landscape or Major Landscape changes.)

            6a. Minor Landscape submittal checklists

    1. Minor landscape – multiple
    2. Propane tank and/or generator installation only
    3. Tree Removal

            6b. Major Landscape submittal checklists

    1. Major landscape – multiple
    2. Fences only
    3. Masonry Walls only
    4. Major hardscape only
    5. Landscaping with a landscape structure (deck, pergola, etc.)
  1. Structural Changes Less than 625 Sq. Ft. Application.

            7a. Structural changes less than 625 sq. ft. submittal checklists

    1. Structural Changes – multiple
    2. Solar panels only
    3. Pools with landscaping only
  1. Structural Changes Greater than 625 Sq. Ft. Application.

            8a. Structural changes greater than 625 sq. ft. submittal checklists

    1. Structural Change – multiple
    2. Pools combined with new structures = to or greater than 625 sq. ft.
  1. New Home Construction Preliminary Review Application.

            9a. New construction preliminary review submittal checklist

  1. New Home Construction Landscape Application.

            10a. New construction landscape submittal checklist

  1. New Home Construction Final Review Application.

            11a. New construction Final review submittal checklist

  1. Changes to Approved Design Application. (Use for any changes you want/need to make on                                                                                                     an approved plan)

   13. Final Inspection & Deposit Refund Request Form

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