The Look of I’On – Welcome to the I’On Design Committee (IDC)

One of the many reasons we’ve all come to I’On is it’s timeless, classic architectural design. The IDC is your resource in helping you ensure that your new building design or renovation project carries on the high quality and the unique “Lowcountry Vernacular” look of I’On .

What We Do:

We’re here to help you through the approval process and conduct the architectural and landscape review for all new construction and proposed additions or modifications to existing structures in accordance with established I’On design guidelines.

The IDC includes professional independent consultants and residents who work with homeowners, architects/designers and builders to ensure that all homes in I’On retain the fundamentals of traditional design. Each property in I’On is unique and plans are reviewed not only on its own merit but also its context to neighboring homes and its relationship to the streetscape. Streets with beautiful homes were not what was envisioned for I’On, but beautiful streets with beautiful homes.

General Information about Preparing and Submitting to the IDC:

Please reference the I’On Code & the IDC standards/guidelines to begin planning and designing any renovations, exterior modifications, landscape projects and/or new construction.  Please note that plans submitted for all new structures, additions, structural modifications, landscape structures & major landscape plans should be prepared by a licensed professional or otherwise qualified architect, landscape architect, engineer, or other qualified designers.

Gather all required application submittal requirements and deliver a complete, comprehensive application package containing all submittal requirements & fees in one hardcopy packet to the IDC office for review. Also email the complete application package in PDF format in one email to the IDC at [email protected] for filing purposes. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to print, supply & deliver all submittal requirements needed to make a complete & comprehensive hard copy submittal package. Incomplete packages will not be reviewed.

The application submittal deadline is noon on the Tuesday prior to the scheduled IDC meeting.  IDC meetings are held the 1st, and 3rd Tuesday of each month unless otherwise noted.  The IDC has 30 days after receiving the application to notify you, in writing, of the review decision.  Please do not contact the IDC in the following 2-3 days after a meeting to ask if your submission was approved or not.  It will prolong the process.

IDC review approvals are good for 6 months from the approval date but will expire if the project is not been started within 6 months of the approval date. If IDC approval is not given & additional items and/or revisions for review are requested from the IDC, the requested items and/or revisions must be submitted within 6 months from the review date or the application becomes expired.

Once a submission is reviewed, the review fee is non-refundable.

If an application or approval expires, a new application must be submitted again for an IDC review.

IDC approval is not permission to build/install/ or enclose any structure on your property. A building permit from the TOMP along with written final approval from the IDC are both required to build/uninstall/enclose any structure on your property.

When final written IDC approval is given on a project, the homeowner must pick-up an IDC permit & display it where it can be seen from the street when work begins and until the completion.

All approved projects must be completed by the completion date, which is twelve months from the approval date or a shorter period if specified. Any desired design changes to an already approved design must be submitted to the IDC with the “Change to Approved Design” Application for review & approval before making the change.

A “Final Inspection & Deposit Refund Application” must be submitted when the project is completed or by the completion date to have a final inspection conducted & approved before any completion deposit can be returned.

Any work started without proper approval and/or any completed work that does not comply with IDC guidelines and/or approved plans are subject to sanctions.

Please feel free to contact the IDC for more information at [email protected] or 843-606-6366. The IDC office hours are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9am-4pm.

Who do You Call:

Dana Cutright, your Neighborhood Design Coordinator, acts as liaison between you and the IDC. Dana can be reached at (843) 606-6366 or [email protected]

Dana’s office is located at 159 Civitas Street, on the second floor.  Entrance at rear. Dana is in her office from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

I’On Design Guidelines/ Tools You Need

Use the design guidelines below to help your plan your project and understand the IDC submission and approval process.

Click on the links to download the design guidelines:

  1. The I’On Code is the guiding principle for the architectural design and appearance of our neighborhood. It’s intended to help the owner, architect and builder understand and appreciate the vernacular architecture of the Lowcountry.
  2. Principles of Lowcountry Vernacular Design is a supplement to the I’On Code detailing specific materials, configurations and construction techniques appropriate for I’On homes.

     3. Additional Architectual, Landscape and ADU    Information provides updates to the I’On Code.

     4. I’On Code/Architectural Guidelines 2005

NOTE: I’On Design Committee decisions and actions are governed by ARTICLE IV of the I’On Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions & Rules.  To view, go to the I’On website:https://ioncommunity.comselect “Resources” click on “Governing Documents” and select “Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Rules.” 

Application Forms and IDC Design Review Requirements

Here are the application forms, document requirements and fees and/or deposits that you’ll need to submit your project to the IDC for review. 

Choose your category and click on the links to download the forms:





NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION / Preliminary Design 



NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION / Change to Approved Design

MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS / Maintenance and Repairs with No Changes

MINOR PROPERTY CHANGES / Paint Color Change, New Plantings, Shutters, Doors, etc.

MAJOR PROPERTY CHANGES / Hardscape, Landscape, Fences, Pools, Screened Porches, Decks, Patios, etc.

STRUCTURAL CHANGES less than 625 sq. ft. / Additions, Garages, ADU’s or other structures

STRUCTURAL CHANGES greater than 625 sq. ft. / Additions, Garages, ADU’s or other structures




Right of Way Approved Plant List & Guidelines


Construction Hours Policy

Monday-Friday:          7:30 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday:                    8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday:                      1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Federal Holidays:        No Work

Interior work is permitted outside of these hours ONLY if all openings are closed and no noise is audible outside the home.

All deliveries must be scheduled during construction hours.

NO work is permitted on Federal Holidays.

Failure to comply with above could jeopardize a builders’ right to continue work in I’On.

Homeowners:  It is your responsibility to inform anyone doing work on your property of these conditions.

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