The Look of I’On – Welcome to the I’On Design Committee (IDC)

One of the many reasons we’ve all come to I’On is it’s timeless, classic architectural design. The IDC is your resource in helping you ensure that your new building design or renovation project carries on the high quality and the unique “Lowcountry Vernacular” look of I’On .

What We Do:

We’re here to help you through the approval process and conduct the architectural and landscape review for all new construction and proposed additions or modifications to existing structures in accordance with established I’On design guidelines.

The IDC includes professional independent consultants and residents who work with homeowners, architects/designers and builders to ensure that all homes in I’On retain the fundamentals of traditional design. Each property in I’On is unique and plans are reviewed not only on its own merit but also its context to neighboring homes and its relationship to the streetscape. Streets with beautiful homes were not what was envisioned for I’On, but beautiful streets with beautiful homes.

What You Need to Do:

Your first step is to contact the IDC neighborhood coordinator to schedule a brief orientation meeting. This will help you get a better understanding of the application, review and approval process.

Before any building, renovation or landscaping project can begin, you are required to use the I’On Design Guidelines as tools and resources for planning and developing your project.  All plans for new structures and additions to existing structures, including landscape plans, shall be prepared by licensed professionals or otherwise qualified architects, landscape architects, engineers or other qualified designers.  It is highly recommended that you use a team of qualified professionals and contractors who have knowledge and experience building in I’On.

Your next step is to submit your plans together with the fully completed application, required fees & deposits, documents and support materials to the IDC for design review approval.

The IDC will notify you of our decision within thirty (30) days after receiving your complete application and all required information and fees.

The decisions of the IDC are based on the overall aesthetics of I’On. Your project will be reviewed not only on its own merits but on its harmony with surrounding structures and environment.  All residents who purchase property in I’On acknowledge that such matters are subjective and opinions may vary. We will work together to reach a mutually agreeable solution to both you and the IDC. If you disagree with the IDC decision, you may file an appeal with the Board of Appeals.

Approvals are good for six (6) months.  If your project has not begun during this time period, the approval will be withdrawn and you’ll have to re-apply. Once a project begins, it must be diligently pursued to completion and should be completed within one (1) year of approval or a shorter period if specified.

Avoid Fines! Any work started without written approval, and any completed work that does not comply with the approved design, is subject to remedies and sanctions imposed by the Assembly Board of Directors.  Sanctions may include, but are not limited to, monetary fines, suspension of the right to vote and use of the Commons, and requiring removal of unauthorized construction.

Who do You Call:

Dana Cutright, your Neighborhood Design Coordinator, acts as liaison between you and the IDC. Dana can be reached at (843) 606-6366 or

Dana’s office is located at 159 Civitas Street, on the second floor.  Entrance at rear. Dana is in her office from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday- Friday.

I’On Design Guidelines/ Tools You Need

Use the design guidelines below to help your plan your project and understand the IDC submission and approval process.

Click on the links to download the design guidelines:

  1. The I’On Code is the guiding principle for the architectural design and appearance of our neighborhood. It’s intended to help the owner, architect and builder understand and appreciate the vernacular architecture of the Lowcountry.
  2. Principles of Lowcountry Vernacular Design is a supplement to the I’On Code detailing specific materials, configurations and construction techniques appropriate for I’On homes.

     3. Additional Architectual, Landscape and ADU    Information provides updates to the I’On Code.

     4. I’On Code/Architectural Guidelines 2005

NOTE: I’On Design Committee decisions and actions are governed by ARTICLE IV of the I’On Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions & Rules.  To view, go to the I’On website:https://ioncommunity.comselect “Resources” click on “Governing Documents” and select “Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Rules.” 

Application Forms and IDC Design Review Requirements

Here are the application forms, document requirements and fees and/or deposits that you’ll need to submit your project to the IDC for review. 

Choose your category and click on the links to download the forms:





NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION / Preliminary Design 



NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION / Change to Approved Design

MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS / Maintenance and Repairs with No Changes

MINOR PROPERTY CHANGES / Paint Color Change, New Plantings, Shutters, Doors, etc.

MAJOR PROPERTY CHANGES / Hardscape, Landscape, Fences, Pools, Screened Porches, Decks, Patios, etc.

STRUCTURAL CHANGES less than 625 sq. ft. / Additions, Garages, ADU’s or other structures

STRUCTURAL CHANGES greater than 625 sq. ft. / Additions, Garages, ADU’s or other structures




Construction Hours Policy

Monday-Friday:          7:30 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday:                    8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday:                      1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Federal Holidays:        No Work

Interior work is permitted outside of these hours ONLY if all openings are closed and no noise is audible outside the home.

All deliveries must be scheduled during construction hours.

NO work is permitted on Federal Holidays.

Failure to comply with above could jeopardize a builders’ right to continue work in I’On.

Homeowners:  It is your responsibility to inform anyone doing work on your property of these conditions.

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