Reservation Request – Athletic Field & Eastlake

If you’d like to reserve the I’On Athletic Field or Eastlake, this is the request form. Approved reservations are on the Community Calendar, so please check first to verify available dates.


1. This event is hosted by a homeowner in I’On and listed here as the primary contact.

2. A homeowner’s membership on behalf of a commercial group does not qualify.

3. I’On common areas may not be used for weddings.

4. All events must be concluded by 10pm.

5. The area must be cleaned up to the condition it was found.

6. You are personally liable for the expenses from any damages and the resulting repairs.

7. Reservations are subject to the I’On “Athletic Field & Eastlake Policy” effective May 22, 2012. For reference find “Policies” listed under “Government Documents”.

8. The I’On Assembly reserves the right to reject requests for events that do not follow these guidelines.

Reservation form

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